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I met people from all sorts of professions filmakers, interior designers, fashionistas, journalists,entrepreneurs etc. Its a platform of multi type career professionals :)

It was obvious to me at start that this place is where I want to work, collaborate, develop my brand.
I think the main difference is PEOPLE. Tceh has an amazing team of people who run it as a business, that makes it best experience to be part of.

Tech helps with that proving space, and facilities to have an office that I can come in at any time of the day.
I would like to thank the Tceh team for its outstanding services, opportunity to collaborate with other professionals. Wishing your business prosperity, growth and open mind people of course 😉
Dasha Pluzhnyk. 26 years old. I am producer of my YouTube Channel — Darya Pluzhnyk. ( link to my profile https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPgsLe59VRafTRX7APyH9hQ )

For past 10 years I was studying and working in UK, in London. I got my business degree in Management Science at CASS Business School. That makes me an expert in everything to do with UK culture, education, visa, shopping, holidays, business, language etc

At the moment I am working on developing my brand. I am learning videography, editing, script writing and hosting/presenting. I am wanting to further develop my Youtube Channel, to produce hight quality content videos so then in the future to make my own Youtube shows.

I am passionate about collaborating with people, travelling and video making.

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